TD-U UltraSeries

TD-U UltraSeries
Professional-Grade 4K Ultra HD Displays

For the next step in display resolution, screen size and customer impact, Toshiba has created the ultrasmart choice with the super-large 85" TD-U UltraSeries. This 4K Ultra HD display includes 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate and high brightness for jaw-dropping clarity and awe-inspiring images plus full functionality with built-in quad-screen capability.


  • 85"
  • 24/7
  • 3840 x 2160
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TD-U UltraSeries Key Features

Super-Large 85” Screen Size

This super-large screen size creates super-size impact. In portrait mode, images of people can be displayed in true life size.

4K Ultra HD Display Resolution

3,820 x 2,160 UltraHD resolution has 4X the pixel count of 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD for the clearest and most lifelike images. This is especially important with super-large displays over 65”.

120Hz Refresh Rate

With twice the refresh rate of standard 60Hz displays, moving images can be displayed without motion blur. This is especially important with super-large displays over 65”.

Built-In Quad-Screen Capability

By connecting a different content source to each of the four HDMI® ports, these super-large displays can become self-contained video walls by displaying all four sources at once without any external controller. Because they have 4K UltraHD resolution, the 98” displays 4–49” 1080p images, while the 85” displays 4–42.5” 1080p images.

4 HDMI® Inputs

Connect multiple sources for failover or different applications, including Quad-Screen capability.

Digital Audio Out

Send the digital audio signal to an external amplifier and speakers to create a larger sound experience.

Professional Grade 24/7 Operation

These robust displays were specifically designed for trouble-free 24/7 operation in a commercial environment, and also include a litany of commercial features.

High Brightness (500 Nits)

Creates more compelling, dynamic images to better attract and maintain customers’ attention in a variety of lighting environments.

Landscape and Portrait Modes

Special heat-dispersion engineering allows the display to be placed in standard landscape mode, or vertical portrait mode, for maximum deployment flexibility.

Failover Capability

If the main connected media player stops working, the system can automatically switch to an alternative source to maintain content display.

Multiple External Control Options with RS232C, LAN and IR

Control display functions, and receive two-way control feedback, with RS232C and LAN control options. For more basic installations, you can also utilize the IR Port for control.

3-Year Limited Commercial Warranty

Toshiba shows its dedication to quality with a strong 3-Year Limited Commercial Warranty. Add to that a dedicated, quick-response support line for commercial displays, and an advanced replacement service, and you can feel confident with Toshiba.